Formative Assessment Strategies

Formative assessment is a very useful tool for teachers to get instant feedback and determine a student’s comprehension.  Below are a collection of strategies I’ve found to be successful in the middle and high school settings.





College Board’s Springboard program has some fantastic strategies.



 Read this article by Catherine Garrison and Michael Ehringhaus, Ph. D


Review the PPT from a  staff development I conducted in 2012 with an Instructional Specialist detailing Formative Assessment. Be sure to watch the video included.

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Read – Write – Draw

Use this reading strategy to break down material so that it’s chunked into smaller pieces of information and then draw pictures that help make connections to the material and will serve as a trigger when using this information.

Example One:

Example Two:

Think Aloud

A great reading strategy to make you think about what you’re reading. In one assignment, you have 7 different ways to connect to the material.

Cornell Notes

Use these to take notes. If you don’t use the premade worksheet,  then set your own paper up like this.

Biology example: 3178715