Lab Safety Notes

Lab Safety Notes

Students moved throughout the room completing the guided notes on lab safety. If students were absent, the material for these notes is posted on the classroom website. To make the page fit, students had to cut out the individual boxes and glue them in their notebook.

Save Fred Lab

Save Fred

The first lab of the year is to Save Fred. Cut out the papers and glue them as directed in class. Using only the supplies given to you, get Fred’s life preserver on. Try not to kill him 😛

Classroom Rules & Procedures Notes

Once your notebook is set up, the first thing covered in class are the classroom rules and procedures.

Rules & Procedures p 8-9

After answering the first Warm Up, you need to cut out your guided notes pages and glue them together to make one long page. Once you’ve done that, glue it down on page 9. Refer to the class webpage to print off new copies of these notes or to revisit the powerpoint. Once the lesson is complete, students must complete the 5 Petal Foldable on page 8 demonstrating their understanding of the 5 most important rules and procedures for my class.

Setting Up Your Interactive Notebook (IN)

This year in science we will be using an interactive notebook (that’s IN for short). 90% of everything we do in class will go into here. As per the supply list included on the syllabus, you will need two composition books and lots of glue as well as colored pencils and highlighters. Be sure to have either a section in another binder or a folder to put loose papers that won’t go into your notebook. If you lose your notebook, it is your responsibility to set up a new one using the IN INTRO PACKET found on the class website.

Numbering Your Pages



Left Side


Right Side

Once you’ve numbered your pages, it’s time to add all the intro packet information to your IN.

The Inside Cover



My Buddy's



Inside Back Cover

Hints and Tips to keeping an organized notebook:


In case you are wondering how I will be grading your notebook, just look at your rubric.

IN Rubric

Of course if you have any questions regarding your notebook, don’t hesitate to come see me. Be sure you bring it and your textbook to class daily!

Welcome Back!

The summer is officially over and school is in session. I’m excited to start another fun year teaching 8th grade science. There’s so much to cover this year to review for the Science SOL test we have to take, but it’s going to be easy peasy.


There are so many papers that have to be handed out the first day of class and classroom rules and procedures have to be discussed…in detail. This year, we’ll be using an interactive notebook. I hope to document the pages as we create them in case students need to fix their notebooks.