Variables Foldable

variables foldable

Students had to complete the variables foldable using their textbook or prior knowledge.

Experimental Design Guided Notes


Students had to complete the guided notes on experimental design following along with the powerpoint. Refer to the class website for a copy of the PPT if missing notes.

Elephant Observations

Elephant Observations

As an intro to observations and inferences, students have to draw the elephant the people in the poem “saw” without actually seeing.

Lab Safety Comic

Lab Safety Comic

Using previous notes on lab safety, students had to create comic strips demonstrating students practice safe and unsafe lab safety. A third comic strip could’ve been done for extra credit.

Lab Safety Manual & Video Notes


Students were required to watch the Lab Safety Rap and the Zombie Lab Safety videos and note all the lab safety rules as instructed below.

While using the lab safety notes taken from the previous class as well as notes taken from both videos, students had to create a lab safety manual following the guidelines below.