Creating Lab Safety Memes

lab-safety-memeAs a way to show me you understand lab safety, and after taking your lab safety assessment found here, students must complete lab safety memes, following the directions above. While students worked, examples of satisfactory memes and the instructions flashed on the projector.

Mystery Powders Lab

Mystery Powders lab

Students completed one of my favorite labs and one that is definitely a crowd pleaser. They are tasked with helping the police solve a crime and find who stole the missing wedding cake. Using water, acetic acid, and iodine as reagents, students compare their results to the data analyzed by the crime lab and determine who dunnit.

Students who are absent can watch this video and complete the lab report as if they were in class.

Descent of a Paper Helicopter Lab

Helicopter Lab

Students create helicopters and add mass one gram at a time until the helicopter has four additional grams. Students stand with their helicopter above their head and their partners use a timer to record how long it takes (in seconds) for the helicopter to drop. Absent students were provided with the supplies needed to conduct the experiment and three additional data trials.