Cell Cycle & Mitosis Independent Learning Lab

Cell Cycle & Mitosis Independent Learning Lab

The variety of slides I have access to in my high school is limited. Unfortunately, most of them were purchased when I was taking high school biology and the quality simply isn’t that great. While I hope to one day buy more slides for my biology classes, until then, I’ve created a digital lab version (and now a paper/pencil version as well). It enables my students to gain experience identifying cells in the various stages of mitosis.

Whether you are implementing blended learning within your classroom or assigning this as a distance learning task while the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, your students will complete it with a better understanding of the phases of mitosis than they did when they started.

This assignment comes with two versions – a digital and a print version. Get your hands on a copy¬†of it now while it’s on sale.

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