Student Progress Monitoring

Use this research-based strategy to increase student achievement. Students track their own progress for each assessment given over the year. This allows students to become intrinsically motivated in their learning and increases their drive to do better. Click on the image below to get your copy from my TPT store.…

Minor Incident Reports

Teachers can use this generic minor incident report to keep track of minor infractions within the middle or high school setting. Check off the boxes and file after an intervention has been introduced. When the behavior has been observed multiple (three) times, simply photocopy and attach as evidence for attempted…

Daily Goal Setting Sheets

For students that tend to have a hard time focusing, DGS are an amazing tool to help students stay on track. I used these whenever students worked on project based learning assignments. [gview file=""]

Formative Assessment Strategies

Formative assessment is a very useful tool for teachers to get instant feedback and determine a student's comprehension. ¬†Below are a collection of strategies I've found to be successful in the middle and high school settings. [gview file="" save="1"]   [gview file="" save="1"]   College Board's Springboard program has some…

Read – Write – Draw

Use this reading strategy to break down material so that it's chunked into smaller pieces of information and then draw pictures that help make connections to the material and will serve as a trigger when using this information. Example One: [gview file=""] Example Two: [gview file=""]