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Natasha Neagle

founder YST, Master Teacher, & Starbucks drinker

I love creating new and exciting lessons designed to keep students engaged and allow teachers to facilitate learning. My learning activities allow students to take ownership of the knowledge they acquire and provide teachers with the opportunity to work with students who need more assistance. Lessons and tasks are designed to get students up and out of their seats, communicating and collaborating with their peers, and creating authentic end products that demonstrate mastery of the content. 


  • Ed. S., Educational Leadership, ODU
  • M. Ed, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix
  • BS Biology, ODU


  • Admin & Supervision (PreK-12)
  • Biology
  • Middle School Science (6-8)


15 years of teaching experience in both inner city and suburban districts where I’ve taught general education, inclusion, and gifted students in both middle and high school. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Blended & Flipped Learning
  • Inquiry & Project-Based Learning
  • Teacher Facilitator
  • Classroom Management
  • Engaging At-Risk Students
  • Managing a Successful Inclusion Classroom
  • Professional Developments 
    • I’ve presented at school, district, and state level and love sharing all the tricks I’ve learned over the years.